For  manufacture of ice flacks  ,3-5 mm thickness &length of 4 cm, that used in  the  food  processing and frozen vegetables, and seafood, where  machine is efficient and high  in productivity , operation system is simple and friendly to any one .


  • Frozen vegetables
  • Hummus preparation
  • Sea food storage
  • Fresh fruit
  • Processed food


Machine   could  provided by  ultraviolet light to sterilize inlet   water  for best product quality , inlet water  must softened  for Salts  removal , all parts of the interior are made of stainless steel, machine operation and maintenance is very easy ,

It is the right solution for providing short-time ice skates and high quality for food, vegetable storage, shops, restaurants,  and hotels.

Production Capacity Voltage Materials  Dimension
1 ton /hour 3X380/ 50Hrz SS  304L for the body
SS 316L for the surface
with direct contact with food
 (L x W x H)

1.8m * 0.8m * 1.40m